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Since 1990, we are provaiding souing interiers of textile, curtains, bedspreads and upholstery, curtains, pelmets, blinds, pleated blinds, Roman blinds, Japanese wall, haberdashery and other accessories of the Interior coordinated in colors and patterns, including the design, Assembly, sewing and arranging.


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Our sewing workshop we deliver dvojdrážkové curtain pelmets and motor with remote control, curtain rods, curtain rods to the dormers of the arc, the technical curtain rods, curtain rods, brass curtain rods ceiling, ceiling curtain rods, curtain Rails, curtain rods, interior blinds, blinds, motorized blinds, transparent, Roman blinds, Roman blinds, roller blinds, obscuring screenové blinds, blinds with side guidance, exterior blinds, blinds for the window blinds, cloth šimáJapanese wall, sliding the fabric walls. Sewing curtains and bedspreads, curtains, pelmetů, sewing Roman blinds and Japanese walls in the highest quality. References: Municipal House, National House Smichov Fidlovačka Theatre, Auditorium, the Academy of Sciences and Masarykových tracks.Castles Červený Hrádek, Litomyšl, Náchod, Liblice, Jabkenice, Dětenice, Loučeň, Kinsky, Kolowrat's Palace and Furstenberg. Hotels: _Esplanade, Holiday Inn, International, Parkhotel, Olympic, Otar, pyramid, SAS Alcron, U tří pštrosů, Elegant, Don Giovanni, Panorama, Baroque, Julián, the Meteor Plaza, Renessance, a Diplomat, Diezenhofer, Splendid, transit, Belvedere Palace and Hilton in Prague. Voronezh, bean, and the Grand in Brno, Chernigov in Hradec, Imperial, the Embassy, and Pavlov Karlovy VaryThe Palace in Mariánské Lázně, Pecínov. 50,000 species of 5,000 species garnýžových systémů50 suppliers from all over the světa20 years historiejediný the objective is a satisfied zákazníkStudio JKt s. r. o., Prague 8tel Švábky streets 2: 222 312 418, 222 316 533Fax: 284 552Návrh: 603 819 243 470, 725 757 983, 725 575 984Obchod: 724 365 903, 602 356 903O company JktRádi Studio welcome you in our showroom. The company designs and implements all of the installation of the garnýží and garnýžových systems, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, offers custom sewing of curtains, curtains, bedspreads, and other decorations.The implementation part of the company to ensure delivery of the shading textile Interior to 300 hotels and a series of public office or social space.Product range is offered in accordance with the world's fashion trends. The offered goods are collected with regard to effectiveness and specificity of orders with maximum emphasis on quality. On all the goods and services is granted extra warranty, including customer service, or other requested additional services. Garnýžové systems and decorative curtain rods, from the purely technical, are characterized by high quality and simple handling.Variability of systems allows the use for atypical spaces, for installation in the ceiling and in the wall, into the Bay and the arch vaults. Systems for horizontal and vertical folds, Japanese curtain for curtain walls and weighing several hundred kilograms. Since 2004 we are refurbishing systems MOTTURA for the EU. The menu is 100,000 species and substances, including the non-combustible samozhášlivých designs materials complying with the European standards for use in public and hotel rooms or totally neprůsvitných material "good night" and "Air", cleaning the air. From the silk after Trier. Wholesale section adds blinds, pelmets and substances for more than 200 business partners. With our products you can meet even when realizations provided by business partners. Studio JKt in these cases ensures that the overhaul and upgrade of garnýží and systems within the EU. «Home» KontaktKontaktní formulářZadejte the údajeJméno and last name: * your email address: Your phone number: * Note: Studio JKt s. r. o.: Eliska Krasnohorska 9, 110 00 Prague 1IČ: 61857084DIČ: CZ61857084Spisová make: C 31747 led by the municipal court in PrazeZákladní capital: 139 USD REALIZATION of INTERIORS, design ODDĚLENÍIng. Marianne N 603 243 470 Kamila Carlos M 725 757 757 725 Drinkova 984Jana 983Ing. Petr Novák 602 356 903 Tel.: 222 312 418fax: 284 819 552realizace@studiojkt.cz